Upgrade Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10, part three: Ubuntu Firefox Modifications

After the upgrade to Intrepid the web developer Firefox add-on didn’t show it’s toolbar any longer.

To my surprise I could not find the toolbar of the web developer add-on any longer when I wanted to debug a site. Some experimenting with disabling add-ons didn’t indicate which combination of add-ons resulted in the problem.

Next attempt: use a new profile, install Web Developer and then add the other extensions one by one. This lead me to believe the “Tab Mix Plus” add-on was the one to blame. However, I really, really like that extension!

Using Google once again, I finally stumbled upon Bug #281348 which revealed the real problem: the Ubuntu Firefox Modifications add-on (from the ubufox package). Disabling this add-on didn’t immediately result in the return of the toolbar though. I had to remove the localstore.rdf file from my profile (located in ~/.mozilla/firefox/xkq1i1qg.default in my case) and restart Firefox as well. Another solution may be to use a package for Intrepid which contains the fix (see this comment on the bug report).