Distributed Version Control Systems (presentation)

On 19 February I held a presentation for my colleagues about distributed version control systems (DVCS). My main goal was to inform them on what I think is the next logical step in source control.

My presentation can be found on slideshare (or as a Keynote file on this site), a summary can be read on Maurits' weblog.

A small disclaimer: my original plan was to create an implementation agnostic introduction to DVCS for my co-workers at Zest. However, while creating the presentation I found it easier to compare DVCS to Subversion.

Also note that the last couple of slides talk about git and git-svn specifically. This is because my colleagues were interested in the way I currently use Git to work on our projects. The git-ext-svn-clone command I refer to in slide 39 can be found on github.