Open tabs

Currently I have about 30 tabs open in the browser on my phone. Quite a bunch of them I have open because I want to read the article in the future, already have read the article and want to reread or act on it, or a combination of the above. In this article I list the open tabs (and some notes) so I can close them on my phone, but still have a reference to them.


Better Git configuration
Some tips from Scott Nonnenberg to improve your Git configuration.
My Python Development Environment, 2018 Edition
A good description by Jacob Kaplan-Moss of how he uses pyenv, pipenv and pipsi for Python development.


BorgBackup documentation
Something I want to play around with—and perhaps use—to make backups.
Ops School Curriculum
A very comprehensive resource to learn to be an operations engineer.
Serverless Ops: What do we do when the server goes away?
Tom McLaughlin writes about the changing role of DevOps/Operations engineers in a ‘serverless’ world.
Ask HN: How do you back up your site hosted on a VPS such as Digital Ocean?
A bunch of comments with suggestions on how to arrange backups for a VPS. (I need some inspiration for my own VPS.)
Securely Using Amazon S3 Buckets For Server Backups
See above; this is one of the candidates.
Awesome Sysadmin
A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources.


Automatic Server Hardening
Server hardening tips plus Chef, Puppet and Ansible modules. (Source: Cron weekly, issue 94)
Decent Security
Information on how to secure your devices (Windows, routers).


A curated list of things to read to level up your DevOps skills and knowledge by Chris Short. (Source: DevOps’ish, issue 043)
Monitoring and Observability
A great post by Cindy Sridharan explaining the difference between monitoring and observability.
A Model for Scaling Terraform Workflows in a Large, Complex Organization
An article by Ryan Lockard and Hibri Marzook about scaling your Terraform working practices.
Site Reliability Guide for
This might contain useful information about how sets things up and how to write this kind of documentation.
Terraform, VPC, and why you want a tfstate file per env
Another Terraform article, this time by Charity Majors.
Testing in Production, the safe way
Lots of information in this article by Cindy Sridharan.
Working with Terraform: 10 Months In
Perhaps this article by J.D. Hollis might save me some headache (if I get around to read it in time :) ).


Dark Matter
A book recommendation that I still need to check out. This was the first link that popped up when I Googled the title.
Raspberry Pi Data Logger with InfluxDB and Grafana
An article by John Whittington as input for my (almost dead) side project to collect and graph data from my smart meter.