New start...

I’ve finally taken the time to setup the new website. Plone 3 combined with some add-on products and a bit of customization are the driving forces behind the current incarnation of this site.

After my PHP site stopped working some time ago, I had the vague plans to start using Plone to setup my new site. My marriage of August 20, 2008 gave that plan a new boost. After all: a website is an easy way to distribute the photo’s taken that day.


The backbone of this site is formed by Plone 3 (3.1.4 at the time of writing, to be exact). To spice things up a bit, I used the add-one products Scrawl (for this blog) and Slideshow Folder (to display the wedding photo’s nicely).

The changes to the look-and-feel of the site are mainly done via CSS. Although I have to admit that I did also change some templates and views to ‘get it right’.


My employer, Zest Software, allowed me to host this site on one of their servers. So, in a way, I’m eating my own dog food. ;-)