Setuptools and subversion 1.5

Setuptools doesn’t seem to like subversion 1.5.

Earlier this week I ran into problems with setuptools on my Ubuntu Hardy Heron system, which uses subversion 1.5. Luckily I wasn’t the first as proven by several other reports.

To be able to develop Plone products properly I had to do two things:

  1. Globally install this patched version.
  2. Make sure buildout uses a patched version of setuptools.

The first part was the easiest: following the instructions (original link not working anymore) I was finished in no time. This prevents the scrambled eggs reported by Maurits.

The second task was a bit more labour intensive (albeit just slightly). First I had to unpin the version of setuptools in the buildout configuration. However, since there is no egg available on PyPI at the moment with a fix, buildout still uses an unpatched version. But I didn’t like the idea of inserting a find-link in the buildout configuration. The simple solution was to download an egg which contained a fix and put it in my eggs directory. (On a sidenote: I use a single egg directory for all my Plone instances on my development machine. This makes this solution viable.)

I’m not completely happy with the current situation, but at least I can continue working. Let’s hope a fixed version of setuptools will be released soon…

Update (2008-09-26)
Setuptools 0.6c9 has been released. This new version solves the problem. Normality restored!