Hybrid Vigor Plone / Salesforce integration (Andrew Burkhalter)

Constituent Relationship Management

(Contribution by Jean-Paul Ladage)

Salesforce is:

  • a web based CRM
  • an online accessible relational database

Goals for integration:

  • Login again Salesforce records and update profile data (PAS)
  • Simple event registration
  • View Salesforce data

He provided a few demo’s.

Sale data from PloneFormGen to Salesforce using Salesforce

PloneFormGen adapter. This allows you to create forms and directly submit the data to salesforce.

  • Account adapter, you can map the form fields to fields in the account table in the Salesforce database.
  • Contact adapter, you can map the form fields to fields in the contact table in the Salesforce database.
  • Attachments can also be added.

RSVP for Salesforce

Event registration e.g. call for proposals

CRM has a campaign feature. Any piece of content in Plone can be associated with a campaign in sales force by selecting the object type and uid. A result is that in Plone below the content a contact form is shown. It adds a lead in Salesforce and shows how we got in contact with that person (by showing the related campaign.

In Salesforce you can create a waitlist state, to signal that you have to process the contact.

Login and edit user profile data (PASPlugin)

  • You can add a password field to Salesforce.
  • In the plugin you can configure which fields to authenticate with and map additional properties like department, or assistant name with an object type in Salesforce e.g. a Contact or Lead.

Local Cache of Salesforce records

The Zope catalog is used to cache information from Salesforce. Using an overnight scheduled job.