Plone and multimedia: Publishing audio and video content with Plone (Nate Aune)

Plone4Artists Audio and Video.

(Contribution by Jean-Paul Ladage)

Plone4Artists consist of a collection of add-ons that provide rich media in Plone.


Audio is simply recognised by plone after uploading it as a regular File type. It extracts the meta data to display. Audio containers can be used to create listings of the audio files using the Collection functionality.


Similar to the audio files, Plone recognizing Files that are videos and showing the meta data and a player. Even a splash image will be created to display initially. When clicking the image it will be replaced by a player. It is still possible to create videos that contain a URL to one of the large video hosting providers.

Both types support Creative Commons licensing and Rating. is a show case of what’s possible with Plone4Artists.


  • PloneFlashUpload - allows for easy multiple file uploads at once.
  • PloneJUpload - Older variant of the flash version based on Java, which is not well supported in all browsers.

Large setups

Zope is not suited for handling large number of large file uploads, so if you need to scale, you need to use one of the following solutions:

  • Infrae’s Tramline - This hands off the heavy lifting to Apache.
  • S3 integration with Amazon