Lightning talks (Thursday)

The lightning talks of the second day of the Plone Conference. This time they were just three minutes a piece due to the large number of talks.

Balázs Ree

SlickGrid Touch: Making a complex Javascript table widget work on mobile devices. Although you’ll want your website to work on mobile, older Javascript widgets don’t work on touch devices. SlickGrid doesn’t support touch devices.

Touch support means that you are able to select/unselect, follow link, select row, show menu, scroll, reorder row, delete row.

Maurizio Delmonte

Maurizio is a project manager. He needed a project management tool. ScrumDo is a Django tool, but integration with Plone is hard. They created a Dexterity based tool and also want to sprint on it on Saturday. Have a look at the simplemanagement repository.

Armin Stroß-Radschinski

The Python Software Foundation created Python Brochure. 32 pages A4 full colour. Their aim: 10.000 distributions world wide. Diverse target groups. Check out

Elizabeth Leddy

Sometimes you can easily fix your own system by watching your logs. Plone logs you want to watch are located in var/log. The two interesting logs are event.log and instance-Z2.log. You can also find them using e.g. “locate event.log” on *nix based system.

On Linux systems also check out /var/log. Interesting files are e.g. faillog, messages and secure.log or auth.log.

You can monitor a log file with tail -f.

Need help with your logs? Ask Elizabeth.

Martijn Faasen

Martijn presented Crom. Basically it is zope.component redone: the same API but less cruft. He gave lots of code examples. Unfortunately it’s backwards incompatible so we cannot use it in Plone.

Manabu Terada

Fuzzy search in Plone. In an intranet the could not use Google but they did want to have similar suggestions. They did not want to use Solr because they found it too hard to install and config.

Their solution uses the Levenshtein distance, is Python only and the Japanese language is supported (using MeCab).

Philip Bauer

They reimplemented CorkboardMe in Plone for use on an intranet: collective.noticeboard. It is currently in a personal repository but it will be moved to the collective mid November once it is finished.

Lars van de Kerkhof

Lars created a post install hook for virtualenv: buildout bash completion. With it you can easily add the bin directory of your buildout to you path. It also contains some commands that make working with a buildout and virtualenv easier.

Wolfgang Thomans

They had 460GB of data in an Oracle database. Everything was stored three times and 90% of the data was not used. After they cleaned up, ‘only’ 130Gb was left. They dumped the binary data on file system and exported the relational data to a new database with a sane structure. They used transmogrifier. For the files (that were already on file system) they created stubs in the ZODB and then moved the files to the right location in the blob storage.

Jamie Lentin

Jamie showed a product he is working on. It shows which Diazo theme rules work and which do not by colouring them green and red. The product is not yet available.

Tom Gross

How to make Plone fast? Avoid Plone and serve Javascript and CSS directly from file system. See collective.assets and the webassets.

Eric Brehault

Eric presented Resurrectio, a Chrome extension. From the documentation: “Resurrectio is a Chrome extension allowing to record a sequence of browser actions and to produce the corresponding CasperJS script.”

Jonas Baumann

His company created a book publishing addon: It uses ftw.pdfgenerator (which is based on LaTeX) to generate PDFs out of content.

They used it for financial reports, court reports, end user product documentation, …

Domen Kožar

There is an Ubuntu bug in the network manager since 2008. To prevent issues to remain open for that long, he launched today. It’s a crowdfunding site to fix free software one bug at a time. It currently only supports bitcoins because paying is hard and bitcoins made it easier.

Multiple pledgers per issue are possible.

Watch the video.