Sprinting for newcomers

What is sprinting all about about?

A sprint is a great way to discuss a problem with a package. If the maintainer is not at the sprint him-/herself, then usually someone involved in the package is available.

The most important rules:

  • Don’t be afraid to approach people.
  • Ask questions!

Basically a sprint is a lot of people who can do anything they want. That could be a personal project, a PLIP, a package, etc. Everything is fine. You can also join a sprint topic of someone else. Just do what you want to do or find interesting. Either way: ask questions.

People always seem very busy. But people prefer helping you fixing stuff than fixing things themselves.

There’s a theory: whenever there are more than ten Plone people in a room, they start moving the tables. :).

Sprinting doesn’t stop with coding. It’s the other way around: the non-coders might even be more productive. A sprint is also a great opportunity to discuss problems or approaches.