Removing the comments from this website

I’ve taken the step to removed the comments from my website. In this article I’ll give some stats and offer a bit of an explanation.

Let’s start with some fun facts.

The first comment was placed on the article IOError: [Errno 28] No space left on device. Over the last 10 years a total of 457 comment have been placed. (At least, that is the number according to Disqus. I may have thrown away some spam in the past.) Of these, only 210 are actually published—all the others are spam.

A total of 45 articles got commented on. The top three most commented articles:

To each and everyone that placed a comment here: thank you!

So why remove the comments then? The main reason is that the option to comment here adds bloat. Just to show the Disqus form your browser has to make 17 requests and download about 286 KB of data.

To be fair: if I write an article which uses all the fonts and their variants I define on this site, about 220Kb of data is transferred. So that is also an area where I can improve. But that is something for another day.

So from now on, I you want to send me feedback on an article, you will have to contact me via e.g. Twitter or email.