Minor upgrade of my site

Time for another small update of my site. I changed some ‘back office stuff’ and improved my blog. Apparently this also triggered some changes in the RSS feed, resulting in older entries popping up again on planet.plone.org. Sorry about that!

Today I made several changes to my site. Some changes are not visible from the outside:

  • I upgraded to Plone 3.2.2. This was mainly just to keep up-to-date. Nothing fancy here.
  • I changed my editor to TinyMCE. I’ve worked with TinyMCE on a couple of other sites and I liked it better than Kupu.

Other changes are visible for the visitors:

  • I’m experimenting with allowing comments on blog entries. Let’s see if it’ll get used without attracting too much spam…
  • I also added a few portlets for my blog.


For the latter I added the QuillsEnabled product to the mix. I was thinking about creating a tag cloud and then I read a post by Jon Stahl (which is no longer available) about a combination of QuillsEnabled and Scrawl, which he dubbed “Squall”. His instructions were really clear and it worked quite well.

However, I did some custom work. For starters I decided to override the weblogentry_view template. The template QuillsEnabled (or actually quills.app) uses for displaying weblog entries does not show the images of the Scrawl blog entries. I also modified the weblog view a bit by adding some dashed lines between the entries to separate them more clearly.

Since I expect that my entries will be far from evenly distributed between the topics, I decided to use a logarithmic scale for the tag cloud instead of a linear one. Otherwise I expect that most topics will have the lowest rank and one or two (for instance Plone) topics have the highest rank, without anything in between. Hopefully the tag cloud adds a bit more valuable by fiddling with logarithms.

Well, that’s it. Time to actually create some more content instead of talking about the tools…

Sorry about the flood of messages I created on planet.plone.org! As soon as I found out, I changed my RSS feed to no longer export the modification date but the creation date. So when the modification date of an entry gets changed in the future (either by editing or some unexpected event) it won’t show up in the feed again.