Looking for a static blog engine? Try Acrylamid!

Several Pythonistas switched to a static blog this year. If you are also looking into static blog engines, give Acrylamid a go.

Examples of persons that went static are e.g. Alex Clark, Daniel Greenfeld and Tarek Ziadé. What these guys have in common is that they all use Pelican.

You could follow their example and use Pelican—and it’s probably a good choice—but I recommend you also at least have a look at Acrylamid. It is written in Python, quite easy to get up and running, it offers all a blog needs (articles, tags, lists of articles, pages and feeds) and the author quickly responds to issues, pull requests and questions. You can write your content in (amongst others) reStructuredText and Markdown. The templates can be Jinja2 or Mako.

Acrylamid is already great. But it is also under active development so it will even get better!

Disclaimer: Since today I use Acrylamid for this blog (more about that in the next article: migrating to Acrylamid). I also contributed some code to the project. So I might be a bit biased…