Open tabs — March 2019

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Last May I published the list of tabs I had open on my phone at that moment in time. This another one of those posts.

I have switched phones but there were about 50 tabs open in the browser on my old phone. This article is a selection of the pages I want to (re)read in the future.


I want to learn Go. This is a list of resources that seem useful:

Containerization of Golang applications
An example by Jonas-Taha El Sesiy (including a Dockerfile and Makefile) of how you can deploy a Go application in a Docker image.
Effective Go
I’ve heard positive things about this document.
Go for Python Programmers
Well… I’m a Python programmer and I want to learn Go. Nuff said. ;-)
Go by Example
Again practical examples to teach the concepts in Go. The examples are, as far as I’ve seen, relatively short. This is positive because it highlights the concept at hand, but on the other hand it can be useful to have more complex examples to get a better understanding of how concepts work together to create a larger application.
Let’s Go! Learn to Build Professional Web Applications With Golang
This book promises to teach Go while building an application. I find having practical examples helps me when learning a new programming language.
Programming Talks
A (community maintained) list of talks on programming language specifics.
The Go Programming Language Specification
It’s always good to have the specs nearby.

Observability and monitoring

Observability and Monitoring Best Practices
Terminology and a set of best practices by Mark McDonnell.
Lessons from Building Observability Tools at Netflix
Lessons learned from big companies usually make an interesting read. Even though things might not apply to your situation.
Monitoring for Distributed and Microservices Deployments
An article about the challenges of distributed architectures and adjustments needed to be able to respond to incidents in this changed environment.
A blog with a number of interesting articles about observability.
Stack Overflow: How We Do Monitoring - 2018 Edition
This article (and Nick Craver’s previous posts by the way) makes for fascinating reading.
Why Your Server Monitoring (Still) Sucks
Five reasons why your current monitoring sucks and what to do about it.
10 monitoring talks that every developer should watch
Enough material in here to learn from.

Cloud services

How many AWS accounts do I need?
How should I organize my AWS accounts?
Two articles published on the #NoDrama DevOps blog about organizing your AWS account(s).
Serverless: From Azure to AWS
Comparing Azure and AWS serverless offerings.
Advanced multi-stage build patterns
Tõnis Tiigi has a number of examples of multi-stage Docker image build patterns.
How To Use Git Hooks To Automate Development and Deployment Tasks
A list of available Git hooks and a demonstration on how to use hooks to automate tasks.
Open sourcing Terratest: a swiss army knife for testing infrastructure code
I am using tools like Terraform and Packer quite a bit these days, but testing the code is still something I’m doing manually. Perhaps Terratest is a nice solution?
SRE University
A list of resources related to Site Reliability Engineering.
What Does a Site Reliability Engineer Do?
Activities an Site Reliability Engineer is participating in, according to Erik Dietrich.

Blog improvements

Once I get around to working on this site again, there are a few things I want to have a look at.

Bye, Bye Disqus - Say Hello to Isso
I am thinking about replacing the Disqus comments with something else. Isso is a contestant.
On Switching from HEX & RGB to HSL
Sara Soueidan convinced me in this article that expressing colors in HSL (Hue, Saturation and Lightness) can be an intuitive way to choose colors. I’ll want to keep this in mind if I overhaul the colors used on this site.
A (proposed) standard to provide information on how to report security issues.
The Font Loading Checklist
I like having pretty (IMHO) fonts for this site. This resource might help me improve the use of them.
The headers we don’t want
Time to review the response headers this site is returning.


CyberChef is a simple, intuitive web app for carrying out all manner of “cyber” operations within a web browser.
Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder
Another great article by Charity Majors. This time she writes about becoming an engineering manager and career options.
Hashicorp at Home
Hashicorp at Home - Part 2
Matt Wallace improved his home network with Vault (managing secret), Consul (managing DNS and service discovery), Nomad (managing containers), Traefik (dynamic reverse proxy/load balancing) and DataDog (monitoring).
How To Use SSHFS to Mount Remote File Systems Over SSH | DigitalOcean
Basically what the title says: instructions on how to mount a file system of a remote machine, using SSH.
Time Management for System Administrators
Something I could get better at: time management. Now to make the time to actually read this book…